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Community engagement

Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Allina Health have long partnered with others to address the health needs of the communities we serve.

Community Partnerships

The Phillips Partnership

In 1997, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Children’s Minnesota and Honeywell formed the Phillips Partnership. Over 20 years, the Partnership invested more than $1.5 Billion in the Phillips neighborhood. The Partnership ended in 2017, and discussions are underway to plan future support.

Cultural Wellness Center Health Heritage Harmony

Cultural Wellness Center and the Backyard Community Health Hub

Through the 10-year-long Backyard Initiative, Allina Health built a deep relationship with the Cultural Wellness Center, a non-profit that supports community and cultural connectedness. We consider the Cultural Wellness Center one of our greatest partners in the Phillips neighborhood.

Backyard Community Health Hub

Through the Backyard Initiative, the Cultural Wellness Center and Allina Health partnered with seven south Minneapolis neighborhoods to help residents improve health. Now located inside the Midtown Global Market, the Backyard Community Health Hub is a local resource center for activities, self-care and wellness.

YWCA Children’s Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

For nearly 15 years, Allina Health has donated space for YWCA childcare services inside the Wasie Building of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Community members and hospital employees alike appreciate having their children close to home and to work.

Andersen United Community School

Andersen United Community School

Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Allina Health headquarters have long partnered with our next-door neighbor, Andersen United Community School. We support Andersen School through book buddies, bike giveaways, the Every Meal weekend food program and sponsorship of the annual 6th grade wilderness adventure trip.

Visit Lake Street, Lake Street Council

Lake Street Council

The Lake Street Council is a non-profit association supporting businesses along the Lake Street corridor. Allina Health has been a member organization since 2007 and has supported the Council through charitable donations. After the civil unrest in May 2020, Abbott Northwestern Hospitalist providers donated $53,000 to the We Love Lake Street Recovery Grant funds. In 2021, Allina Health headquarters will lend workspace to the Lake Street Council, whose space was destroyed in the civil unrest.

hope youth center

Community Education Pods

Starting in December 2020, the B.U.O.Y Foundation and the North Star Network launched an education pod for younger learners at the Allina Health headquarters.

In November 2020, Allina Health headquarters donated space to The REAL Minneapolis, a non-profit serving the distance learning needs of kids and teens in the greater Phillips neighborhood. Children who lack Wi-Fi access or who might have been home alone now have a safe learning space with guidance from academic coordinators.

Community health improvement

Each year Allina Health offers charitable contributions and scholarships throughout the region it serves. Funds go to non-profit organizations that support health improvement and align with the Allina Health mission, vision and values.

In the past ten years, Allina Health has contributed more than $20 million to Minneapolis-based organizations.

value to minneapolis of Allina Health's contribution to Minneapolis-based organizations

Every three years, hospitals in our region identify community health needs through the Community Health Needs Assessment. Based on the findings of that assessment, Allina Health has coordinated community engagement initiatives including:

Change to Chill .org by Allina Health

Change to Chill

A free, award-winning, mental well-being resource offered by a subdivision of Allina Health. This interactive website is for teens and the adults who work with them.

Health Powered Kids by Allina Health

Health Powered Kids

Free school and community-based lessons and activities on nutrition, physical fitness, hygiene and mind-body balance