Cardiovascular research


Allina Health is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of cardiovascular research with compassionate and effective care at the core of our efforts.

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) has a 40-year history of world-class cardiovascular research and education that has proven its positive impact on the standard of care for patients around the world. This independent nonprofit organization enrolls nearly 1,000 research participants every year, providing hope for patients through options that may only be available because of research, which crosses all areas of cardiovascular health and care. MHIF is proud of its strong partnership with world-renowned Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute® physicians to lead this research and is equally committed to education efforts that share learnings from this research around the world. It is access to research that allows patients to receive care from physicians who are on the cutting edge, working with the latest in new technologies and procedures. MHIF has a dedicated team committed to its vision of creating a world without heart and vascular disease.

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation research contact: 

Lisa Tindell

Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute

The Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute (MVHI) has spent over a decade participating in research studies to answer crucial questions about the advancement of cardiovascular treatment. Originally founded for delivering cutting-edge cardiology care for patients around the area, MHVI has deep roots within the Minneapolis metropolitan community.

Their primary focus has led them on an impassioned search for revolutionary cardiovascular treatment and prevention options for patients. With experts and leaders in the field by their side, they have participated in well over 70 clinical research studies, primarily in:

  • Interventional cardiology
  • Electrophysiology
  • Peripheral vascular and carotid disease

Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute (MHVI) contact:
Rachel Foss

Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute

At the Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute, we provide resources for the prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease. Our patients matter to us, and we encourage them to take an active role in decision making when it comes to their plan of care. We offer options that may only be available through clinical research studies. Let our dedicated research staff assist you in finding out if one of our many research studies is a good fit for you.

Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute contact:
Sarah Pederson

Patients and study participants

Our clinics have dedicated research staff that carefully screen any patient who is interested in participating in a research study.

Participation is strictly voluntary. Each patient must give their permission to participate, and the patient may revoke this consent at any time during a study. Volunteers must meet certain criteria based on factors such as age, gender and health status. These are to ensure that researchers will be able to answer the questions they plan to study and to keep participants safe.

Those who participate in a clinical trial may have the opportunity to receive first access to the newest treatments and medication. 

Current clinical trials