Sports and orthopedics research


The Allina Health's orthopedic community’s efforts are made possible through dedicated research and patient-driven health. We are always eager to advance the possibilities within the sports and orthopedic community.

Allina Health Orthopedics is very active in the orthopedic and sports medicine research field. Through remarkable research and passionate involvement in the orthopedic community, the investigators at Allina Health Orthopedics have made great strides improving the treatment of our patients.

Over the years, much of the research has been comprised of investigator-initiated studies focusing on specific patient populations, surgical techniques, treatment options and risk factors. As of late, their increased emphasis on Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) and long-term arthroplasty outcome studies has opened new doors in the orthopedic and sports medicine marketplace.

Allina Health Orthopedics is also an active member of the orthopedic community. Many provider investigators serve as both consultant reviewers for industry journals and as faculty to local residency and fellowship programs. Through education initiatives such as lecture circuits on clinical and surgical techniques to contributing content for textbooks— Allina Health Orthopedics remains committed to the foundations of patient-driven health within the orthopedic community.

Patients and study participants

Our clinic’s dedicated research staff carefully screens any patient who is interested in a study.

Research study participation is strictly voluntary and patients must give their consent to participate. Patients have the right to revoke this consent at any time during a study. Prior to any of our studies, volunteers must meet specific criteria. These criteria include factors such as age, gender and health status. These specifications are to ensure the safety of our participants and make certain that researchers will be able to answer any question a participant may have.

Study participants in a clinical trial have the unique opportunity to receive first access to new treatments and medication.

Participating in a research study is a unique opportunity. You are able to play an active role in healthcare and lend a helping hand to others by contributing to medical research.

In addition to clinical research, Allina Health Orthopedics engages in other various components of research and education, such as lecturing on clinical and surgical techniques, contributing to textbook chapters, serving as consultant reviewers for industry journals and serving as faculty to local residency and fellowship programs. The group also annually hosts a group of summer interns who have the opportunity to learn about clinical processes and participate in clinical research efforts.

If you are interested in participating in one of our ongoing studies or would be interested in collaborating with Allina Health in an orthopedic research study, please contact our orthopedic research team.

Our research team

Ned Tervola, MA, LAT, ATC
Project Manager, Orthopedic Clinical Research

Katie Sjostrom, MS, LAT, ATC
Research Associate Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Research, Allina Health Orthopedics

Current clinical trials