Areas of research



Allina Health Research places compassionate and effective care at the core of our efforts. Our collaboration with Allina Health Cancer Institute has allowed us to expand our cancer research efforts and provide unique research opportunities for patients.



With the help of the Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute®, Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute, and the United Heart and Vascular Clinic; we are able to grant patients early access to treatment and medication opportunities. Learn more about cardiovascular research.


Care delivery

Our care delivery research team collaborates with clinical service lines and providers to improve health care. Patients, their families, providers and the medical community as a whole stand to benefit from our research in areas such as: critical care, emergency and medical services, hospital care and mother and baby care.


Infectious diseases

Everyone is infected by microbes at some point in their lives, which can lead to an infectious disease. Our infectious diseases research division has a very active and diverse portfolio of domestic and international infectious disease research.



Our mission to advance neuroscience research across numerous clinical programs is why we were selected to provide operational support to the John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute Research Department. With the ultimate goal of improving patient care, we have been able to apply our discoveries to patient care settings while helping researchers refine practices, techniques and therapies.



Our nursing research is dedicated to identifying opportunities focusing on clinical pain points, discussions and project preparation through collaborative efforts with patient-driven research initiatives.



The Courage Kenny® Research Center advances rehabilitation research through high-quality clinical studies. Through numerous clinical programs, Courage Kenny continues to make profound discoveries and progress while educating the public on the value of research.



Through our partnership with Twin Cities Spine Center, we are able to focus our spine research on both non-operative and operative treatments and diagnostic methodology.


Sports and orthopedics

We are committed to enhancing and producing better information and technology within the orthopedic and sports medicine community. We are improving overall medical care through research and clinical study initiatives both on our own and in collaboration with other practices. Learn more about sports and orthopedics research.