Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Finance

The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is to enable and support quality research at Allina Health. Through teamwork and collaboration, OSP provides support, enabling Allina Health staff to build relationships and successfully apply for their research funding.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for research billing compliance, the financial management of government grants, and other sponsored project funds awarded to Allina Health. 

OSP review criteria

Research meeting one of the criteria below must be submitted to Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for review:

  • An Allina Health entity provides items or services related to a research study.
  • The research is conducted by an Allina Health department and there is a contract/agreement with a study sponsor.
  • The use of an investigational drug or medical device is within an Allina Health facility.
  • A research project is with an approved medical device that is new within Allina Health. ("New" is defined as: any product that has not been used at the affected Allina facility, including new generations of products that have been used at an Allina Health facility.)
  • A humanitarian use device is used.
  • Allina Health OSP determines the project or study must be submitted.

If it is still unclear whether or not the proposed research meets the requirements for Office of Sponsored Programs review process, call the OSP manager at 612-262-4926.

If it is determined the study must be submitted for review, the research site must:

Research Billing

The OSP research billing team manages the billing compliance review process for clinical services associated with research studies.

Policy 001: Use of the Excellian (Epic) Research Functionality
Policy 200: Research Billing Compliance Policy
Policy 201: Requirement for Complying with the Research Operations Review Process
Policy 203: Research Site Responsibility for Identification of Non-Billable Items and Services

Contact Information:

Research Contracts

The OSP contracts team reviews all research-related contracts and agreements. These include but are not limited to:

  • Agreements for a new study (clinical trial agreements, study agreements, study work orders, awards/sub-awards etc.)
  • Amendments
  • Data use/data sharing agreements
  • Other miscellaneous research-related agreements (service or professional agreements, Core Lab agreements, independent contractor agreements, etc.)

To submit the study agreement for contract review, send an email to the email below with the eProtocol OSP ID number in the Subject: “New Study Agreement for OSP Review, eProtocol Number [XXXX]”.

Contact information:
Policy 202:Written Agreements and Contracts for Research

Research Grants

The Research grants team collaborates with the Principal Investigator (PI), his/her department and our sponsors so that PIs may be successful in their research grants. We review and endorse project proposals, negotiate and accept awards, and issue sub-awards on behalf of Allina Health. In addition, we establish accounts in the financial system and fulfill the sponsor's financial reporting requirements (see Research finance).

Research grants is responsible for the administration of research grants and awards. This includes reviewing proposals, setting up new awards, monitoring expenditures for compliance and funding, billing sponsors, preparing financial reports, and other post-award requests. The Research Grants team also assists Principal Investigators throughout the post-award process.

We support Allina Research teams by providing advice and assistance at all stages of grant-seeking and grant administration. Our highest priorities are responding to staff working on grant proposals with impending deadlines and dealing with time-sensitive issues related to grant administration and academic program development. We also oversee institutional endorsement procedures and monitor compliance with federal requirements.

Research Finance

Research finance provides financial management reporting and ad hoc reporting to the VP of Research, Senior Research Management, Study PI’s and the Finance department. On a regular basis, the department provides oversight for award-related matters including indirect cost compliance, research cost centers, and study/program income. The department oversees the monthly and quarterly expenditure review and the federal effort certification process. Additional services include budget development, financial administration, and monitoring and reporting to Allina Health PIs seeking awards with federal, state and foundation funding.

Research finance is responsible for maintaining the financial integrity of all federal, state and foundation research grants. Additionally, the department is responsible for the development of research grant budgets and negotiation of study budgets. The team monitors all research-related revenue and expenditures while ensuring that all budgets and financial activity are in compliance with federal regulations and Allina Health’s billing policies.

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