For visitors

Visiting guidelines

Sharing the birth of your baby can be an exciting time for you,your family and friends. The Birth Center at Owatonna Hospital is a family-centered care unit and we are interested in supporting your wishes to have visitors come see you and your baby in your private room.

The Birth Center is a locked unit for the safety of all newborns. The intercom located to the left of the entrance doors provides voice communication with the nursing desk. All visitors need to request access to enter the unit.

The average length of stay in the Birth Center is two to three days. This time goes by quickly. You will be recovering, learning about your baby, and talking with your health care team. For these reasons, the Birth Center has created the following guidelines for visitors.

Labor room visiting

Visitors designated by the patient are limited to a maximum of two.

Only one person designated by the mother is allowed to visit for one hour after the birth of the baby. The health care team needs time to assess both you and your baby. This is also a special time for your new family to bond.

Postpartum room visiting

Visiting hours are between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 to 8 p.m. Visitors allowed at this time are designated by the mother.

The time between 1 - 3 p.m. allows new mothers to rest and be alone with their newborn. No visitors are allowed at this time except the baby's father or the mother's significant other.

Mothers who deliver by cesarean birth will recover in their post-partum room. No visitors are allowed during the initial two-hour recovery time except one person designated by the mother.

Siblings cannot stay overnight in the mother's room. All visiting children must be supervised by an adult other than the new mother/patient.

The number of visitors in a room is limited to five. A large gathering of visitors can cause added noise and be upsetting to other new mothers. Visitors can wait in the waiting area outside the unit and take turns visiting in your room.

There may be a medical situation that might limit or prevent visiting. We ask for patience and understanding if this occurs.

Newborn nursery

No visitors are allowed into the newborn nursery except for the mother and her designated visitor. With medical staff approval, grandparents may be allowed on a rotating basis.