Video recording birth information

Owatonna Hospital - mom and baby

The birth of a child provides many opportunities for photos or videos that will be cherished for many years. Both cameras and hand held video cameras are permitted for use during labor and immediately following the birth of your child. Use during delivery including cesarean birth is allowed only with permission from your care team. Because the safety of both mother and baby are of the utmost importance, tripods are not allowed.

You may take pictures of your baby after birth. We would also ask that you read and agree to the following:

  • Staff and physicians retain the right not to be videotaped. Please do not videotape or photograph them without their permission.
  • Since delivery procedures often involve the use and movement of equipment and supplies, and a number of hospital personnel working quickly and efficiently; staff may request you not to videotape at the time of delivery.
  • If asked to turn off a video camera, please do so immediately.
  • Videotaping of medical procedures (vacuum extractor or forceps use, infant resuscitation, etc.) is not allowed.

Staff and physicians reserve the right to prohibit photography or videotaping at any time they believe it creates interference or is inappropriate.

Thank you for your cooperation.