Birth Center

Put your trust in us

We see a lot of babies and births each year - 600 annually at Owatonna Hospital. Our staff has decades of experience helping babies and their families get started.

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting time for many families. We offer care for pregnancy and childbirth and work with you to make your birth personal and comfortable.

At Owatonna Hospital, moms and families can enjoy the new amenities in our new Birth Center.

Labor and delivery

You will experience labor and delivery in a comfortable, home-like private suite. Each labor and delivery room features a TV, CD player, sleeper chair, telephone, bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi tub and equipment needed for your birth, such as fetal monitor to measure your contractions, the baby's heart rate and other vital signs.

The Birth Center at Owatonna Hospital also offers integrative therapy services to new moms before, during and after delivery. These services include aromatherapy, massage therapy, guided imagery and breathing techniques. Lavender oil is being used for postoperative pain and to increase comfort. The other oils used are mandarin, ginger and sweet marjoram, and are given as inhalers or topicals.

If you require delivery via cesarean section, we have a dedicated operating room. Visitors are welcome in your labor room at any time.

Classes, tours and support groups

Are you prepared for your birth experience?

Whether this is your first baby or you are welcoming another addition to your family,you will find our classes helpful. Our classes are taught by Allina Health Parent Educators who are committed to prepare you for the birth experience. Our classes are offered to meet your needs, with weekday classes held in the evening or weekend classes.

View a listing of classes and events in your area. Registration and fees (if applicable) will be included in the online listing.

Contact us

To schedule a tour or for more information, call 507-977-2455.

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