After baby is born
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Interior of a post-partum room. Photo courtesy of Owatonna People's Press

After baby is born

Private post-partum rooms

After you deliver your baby and a short observation time, you and your baby will move to our private mother-baby care rooms complete with a refrigerator and microwave for you and your families’ needs. The mother-baby rooms also feature a sleeper chair, telephone, TV, CD player and full bathroom.

Our private room maternity and mother-baby care area provides mother-baby nursing. Your baby has been close to you for many months and thrives on the security of your familiar presence. Caring for your baby in your room gives you a wonderful opportunity to get to know your baby’s unique personality and to learn about or review infant care and feeding.

Your nurse provides care for you and your baby in the comfort of your room. Breastfeeding assistance and baby care is offered 24 hours a day by our highly trained staff. A lactation consultant is available to assist you with breastfeeding. Expert guidance from our staff is available throughout your stay.


Newborn hearing and metabolic screens are done prior to discharge to assure your baby has a healthy start.

Room service

Available Monday-Sunday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., patients dial 1-6368 from their hospital phones to place their orders. Room service offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, beverage and la carte options ranging from scrambled eggs and bacon to a full-service pasta bar.

Options also include choices for patients on a clear liquid diet and full liquid diet, but patients on a modified or restricted diet will be able to make selections with the support of their care team and dietary staff. Food is delivered to the patient’s bedside in 30 to 45 minutes, prepared to the patient’s specifications.