Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center

Let this section be your starting point for anything related to COVID-19. From the latest on new COVID-19 therapies to answers to all your COVID-19 questions, we are here to provide guidance and get you to the information you need as quickly as possible.

*Allina Health requires an in-person or virtual visit to confirm if you need a COVID-19 or other tests based on your symptoms. Allina Health does not perform rapid testing. If you want a COVID-19 test without a visit, consider using the state testing options or other local community or pharmacy locations. Find testing sites outside of Allina Health:

To meet with an Allina Health provider to discuss your symptoms and see if you qualify for a COVID-19 test, make an appointment now.

Masks may be required

Wearing a mask in our clinics and hospitals is optional for most patients and visitors as of April 18, 2023.

However, we may ask you to wear a mask in certain situations and settings for your protection or the protection of others. If you are coming in for care and also have a recent COVID-19 exposure, cough, runny nose, sore throat or fever, please wear a mask. 

The latest COVID-19 news

To get more news from Allina Health providers about COVID-19 and other health care topics, go to our Allina Health in the News blog.

Comparison chart showing the differences of a cold vs COVID vs flu side by side

Is it COVID-19, Influenza or a Cold?

Respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, influenza (flu) and the common cold, are spread by:

  • Droplets released into the air by coughing or sneezing
  • Having unclean hands and touching your face, mouth, eyes or nose

Go to the COVID-19 vs Flu vs Cold chart to see the difference or go to the Do You Have COVID-19, Influenza or a Cold hand-out.

Need more guidance or want to find out if COVID-19 testing is recommended for you? Complete a virtual or in-person visit with a care provider.

To view all your options—virtual care, in-person care, online screenings and more—go to get care now.

Managing your stress and anxiety

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing stress and anxiety for many. However, there are things you can do to help care for yourself during this time.

When to get help

Talk with your health care provider if stress or anxiety interfere with your everyday life or if you are having physical problems.