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Hear from Maggie Borer, Nursing Lead at Allina Health Vaccination Hubs, who explains how eligible patients will be contacted to schedule a vaccine appointment, what to expect at your vaccination appointment and how to best prepare for it. Read the vaccine video transcript.

Minnesota vaccination timeline

The latest guidance explains when you can expect to be offered a vaccination.

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syringe iconInformation about the COVID-19 vaccine is rapidly evolving. Our goal is to keep you informed about our vaccination process. Please review our COVID-19 FAQ before you call or message your provider.

We are offering our patients the COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with Minnesota Department of Health and Wisconsin Department of Health Services prioritization guidelines.

Vaccine availability, phases and process

We began vaccinating patients in late January and will continue scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments as weekly vaccine supply becomes available. Here’s how it works:

  • Who’s eligible now. Allina Health is vaccinating health care workers and patients age 75 and older. Note that not all patients in the eligible group will be contacted at the same time. Patients in this age group will be sorted by computer into a randomized list, and we will contact a number of patients from that list to schedule, depending on how much vaccine we receive each week. Learn more about how we determine who can schedule a vaccine in our COVID-19 FAQ.
  • Who’s eligible next. COVID-19 vaccines will become more broadly available in early March for all patients age 65 and older. As vaccine supplies grow over several months, we expect to be able to offer a vaccine to any Allina Health patient (ages 16+) who wants one.
  • How you’ll be contacted. We will contact current Allina Health patients by email or phone when they are eligible to receive the vaccine. You will not be able to schedule a vaccine until you’ve heard from us. You can make sure your contact information is up-to-date by logging in or creating an Allina Health account. If you do not have an Allina Health account, we will still be able to contact you using the information in your medical file. If we cannot contact you by email or phone—or if you are eligible and haven’t scheduled yet, you will receive a letter in the mail.
  • Where to get the vaccine. We have opened three long-term vaccination hubs in the metro area, and pop-up hubs at various locations across Allina Health when we have had enough vaccine supply to do so. Locations may change, and we’ll continue to add locations as vaccine availability increases. When you schedule, you will be able to select from several options to find a location that is most convenient for you

What’s next for COVID-19 vaccines

We are currently focused on second vaccine doses for our health care workers and on vaccinating some of our most vulnerable patients. We are working hard to use all the vaccine we receive as quickly as possible and are in close coordination with state health authorities to advocate for increased vaccine supplies.

Stay tuned for more

We know you are eager to do your part to protect yourself and others and to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. Please watch for emails, phone calls and letters from Allina Health, and check this website for the latest information.

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Have more vaccination questions? Read our COVID-19 vaccine FAQs.

The latest COVID-19 vaccine news

Source: Director of Pharmacy – Allina Health Medical Group
Reviewed By: Director of Pharmacy – Allina Health Medical Group
First Published: 12/04/2020
Last Reviewed: 02/11/2021