One Call

Abbott Northwestern Hospital's One Call service is available 24/7. The service enables referring providers to consult with Abbott Northwestern specialists and ensures a streamlined process if a patient needs to be transferred and admitted to Abbott Northwestern. Call 612-863-1000.

Why One Call?

We want patients to be able to recover in their local hospital, so One Call allows referring providers to consult with an Abbott Northwestern specialist to discuss care. If it is determined that the patient must be transferred, the service will also get all patients - urgent or non-urgent - transferred and admitted to Abbott Northwestern with just one phone call.

One Call provides consults for the following specialties:

  • internal medicine hospitalist
  • pediatric hospitalist
  • critical care
  • general surgery
  • urology
  • orthopedic surgery
  • cardiology
  • obstetrics
  • other specialties as necessary

Transfer Process

One Call connects referring hospitals or physician offices with an experienced transfer coordinator who will ensure your patient is transferred or admitted quickly and efficiently.

One Call staff will handle the complete transfer process including:

  • specialty physician consultation
  • bed placement
  • nurse-to-nurse communication
  • patient transport (per referring hospital's request)
  • all other transfer needs

Our goal is to ensure efficient continuity of care, keeping you informed at every step, and creating an even more positive experience for you and your patient.