Stroke transfers and services

IV t-PA for treatment of acute stroke

Alteplase administration worksheet for nurses

Stroke transfers and services

For stroke transfers to:

Services and features of the Stroke Center at United Hospital include:

To arrange a transfer to United Hospital, call 1-844-725-5462 for:

  • ED-facilitated direct admissions
  • ED physician triage and consultation
  • ED-to-ED transfers
  • interventional neuroradiology coverage
  • neurosurgery coverage
  • stroke neurology coverage (available for telephone consultation via ED to ED)

Cardiovascular emergency protocols

Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute

Cardiovascular emergency protocols

Cardiovascular transfers

Call 612-863-3900 for cardiovascular transfers, direct admissions and physician triage and consultation. Cardiologists are available 24/7.

Patient transfer / referral services

  • The Access Center arranges urgent or non-urgent patient transfers to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. Call 1-844-725-5462.

Physical therapy protocols

Learn more about PT protocols for elbow, foot and ankle, hip, knee and shoulders

If questions arise regarding the utilization of the protocols or the progress of a specific patient, contact Allina Health Orthopedics.