Transfer or refer a patient

How to transfer and refer a patient to Allina Health hospitals.

Transfer a patient

The Access Center is the quickest, most effective way to make arrangements for a patient transfer to these Allina Health hospitals.

To ensure a seamless transfer, the Access Center will need the following information:

  • Referring physician and hospital
  • Contact number
  • Service requested
  • Patient name
  • Transferring diagnosis
  • Basis patient condition

How it works: Call 1-844-725-5462. The Access Center will:

  1. Gather basic patient transfer information.
  2. Contact the specialist on call for the requested service.
  3. Set up a recorded conference call between the referring physician and the on call physician to discuss the patient condition.

Once patient is accepted for transfer the access center will coordinate appropriate bed placement, request the necessary medical documents and connect nurses for patient report.

Patient correspondence

All patient correspondence from health care professionals to Allina Health (including reports, orders, discharge summaries and visit notes) should be sent to:

Mailing address

Allina Health eHIM Consolidated Scanning – MR 10203
PO Box 1196
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1196

Fax number


Any questions?

Email Allina Health Medical Records with any questions about this process.