Information for suppliers & vendors

Allina Health values its relationship with its vendors and suppliers and believes they are an important part of providing affordable health care, essential products and high quality services to our patients, hospitals, and community.

We hope the information contained herein will be helpful to you in working with our team here at Allina Health.

Doing business with Allina Health

Across all Allina Health locations, patient safety is at the center of everything we do. To help ensure we meet regulatory requirements for the safety of our patients, staff, volunteers and visitors, all vendors must register through our Vendor Credentialing Service - Reptrax. See Allina Health vendor registration and Reptrax account instructions.

Allina Health uses integrated software called Lumere that lets both us and you, the vendor community, more efficiently review products/services that enter our hospital(s). This will be the only method of approving new products at our facilities.  

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B): As a purchaser of good and services, we commit to promote the inclusion of businesses, of all sizes, owned by Black, Indigenous, people of color and other underrepresented and underserved people when purchasing goods and services.

Vendor policies

Allina Health Ethical Relationship with Industry letter to vendors

Allina Health is committed to the principles and values outlined in this Ethical Relationship with Industry Policy. The guidelines are explained herein and all suppliers, staff and providers are held to these standards. Questions should be reviewed with supply chain management staff and may be further supported by the Allina Health Compliance Department.

Supplier access policy 

The Allina Health Supplier Access Policy explains hospital-specific guidance governing the supplier access procedures which may vary by site. The hospitals expect that all representatives have familiarized themselves with these guidelines.

New product review process 

All products supplied to Allina Health are required to be reviewed and approved prior to use by the Allina Health New Product Review Process. The procedures are explained herein and failure to comply will impact reimbursement for unapproved products.

Affiliation: Vizient Group Purchasing Organization

Allina Health is a member and shareholder of Vizient, Inc.

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