Healthy food and beverages

At Allina Health we're committed to making it easier to choose healthy. It's part of our mission to help people live the healthiest lives possible. In fact, we believe by offering healthier food and beverage options on all of our facilities, you'll see a positive effect on your overall health.

How are we making it easier for you to choose healthy? We've changed our menus and vending machine options to promote and support good health.

Did you know that sugary drinks are the number one source of added sugars in diets? Americans drink an average of 46 gallons of sugary drinks each year. One 20oz. cola has 16 heaping teaspoons of sugar. Just one sugary drink a day increases the risk of Type Two Diabetes by 26 percent and the risk of obesity by 27 percent - and drinking seven or more sugary drinks a week could increase your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

That's why Allina Health no longer offers beverages that are pre-sweetened with sugar or other caloric sweeteners on our facilities. Instead, we're offering delicious new options because we're committed to making it easier to choose healthy.

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We're making it easier to choose healthy

As part of our mission to help people live their healthiest, we no longer offer deep-fried foods or beverages that are pre-sweetened with sugar and other caloric sweeteners. We are proud to offer healthy foods and beverages that support the health of our patients, visitors and employees.

Allina Health offers these beverages: 

  • water (filtered tap, unsweetened, 100% fruit or vegetable-infused, seltzer, or naturally flavored)
  • 100% fruit juice (optimal 4 oz. service size)
  • 100% vegetable juice (optimal sodium less than 140 mg per serving)
  • milk (low-fat including 1% and 2% and nonfat, unflavored)
  • unsweetened non-dairy milk alternatives (unsweetened)
  • unsweetened teas and coffees

In addition to those options, a limited supply of whole or flavored milk and sweetened non-dairy milk alternatives is available. A limited supply of "diet" or beverages sweetened with sugar substitutes is also available.

Consuming too much sugar has been shown to increase the risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Sugar-sweetened beverages are the leading source of added sugar in many people's diets, so drinking fewer of them can have a positive effect on their health.

Deep-fried foods offer little nutritional value and are usually high in fat, particularly the types that are bad for health. That's why our menus feature deliciously healthy options instead. 

Sugary drinks infographic