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    How do you make your surgery a positive and meaningful experience? Many patients and their care circles (families, friends and those close to them) find it helpful to learn as much as they can before the surgery.

    This information was created to help you prepare for surgery and guide you through your recovery. The information is not meant to replace advice you receive from your health care team.

    Please try to read the entire hip replacement section before your surgery. Read it at your own pace and write down any questions.

    If you like, bring the printed version with you when you come to the hospital for your surgery. Your health care team will work with you and your care circle to create a recovery plan that is right for you. They will be available to answer any questions you have.

    Your health care team looks forward to caring for you!

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    Health is a journey that happens beyond the walls of your clinic or hospital and we will be there to help you—whether it's a question that pops into your head at midnight or recalling the date of your last tetanus shot.

    When you sign up for an Allina Health account online, you get better communication with your clinic, hospital and provider; faster answers and your (and your loved one's) health information organized and at your fingertips anytime.

    Use your free Allina Health account and get instant access to: 

    • email your care team*
    • receive lab results sooner
    • schedule appointments*
    • manage a child's or another adult's care
    • read visit notes and follow-up instructions
    • do an online visit for common conditions
    • refill a prescription
    • write a health care directive
    • view immunizations and medications
    • view and pay bills
    • set and track health goals

    *Availability varies by location, ask your clinic or hospital if this service is available.

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