Personal support coach

You are encouraged to select a member of your care circle to be your personal support coach. He or she will support and encourage you to meet milestones during your recovery. 

It is recommended to have someone available to help with your care after surgery. The amount of care you will need depends on your recovery. You may only need
someone to be available to check on you or you may need someone to help you with all of your activities of daily living.

Your personal support coach may also:

  • go to the pre-surgery education class with you if offered
  • be available during your hospital stay
  • go to therapy sessions with you
  • be with you as you receive your discharge instructions
  • be available to help you in your recovery after you leave the hospital

Recommended qualities in a coach

C – Caring and compassionate cheerleader
O – Offer comfort and support during your recovery
A – Available to actively participate and help with your rehabilitation
C – Communicate with you and your health care team
H – Help, listen and encourage your return to normal activity

Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Hip Replacement, fifth edition, ortho-ah-90139
First Published: 10/01/2000
Last Reviewed: 05/26/2017