Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability

Taking care of our environment is critical to ensure good health for our patients, employees, and our community. Staff at the River Falls Area Hospital have already taken many steps to reduce energy usage and waste production. Their Green Team is a model for the rest of the system.


practice greenhealth award logo 

Practice Greenhealth’s Partner for Change Award

River Falls Area Hospital was awarded a Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change Award in 2022 and 2023.The award recognizes superior performance in a range of different sustainability programs and activities including energy, waste, procurement and greening the operating room.

Green Team Achievements

lGreen Team staffers cleaning up littereft: Staff at River Falls Area Hospital celebrated Earth Day 2022 by collecting trash and cleaning up the grounds of their hospital campus.

Energy Efficiency

Purchasing 100% renewable energy from local utility through energy blocks to power facilities

  • The green team leaned into energy efficiency by converting to LED lighting throughout the campus
  • Updating variable frequency drives (VFDs) to be more energy efficient
  • Installing energy efficient water heater and water softener systems
  • Using the building management system to increase the number of areas that use set-back scheduling.

Waste Reduction

waiting area chairs 

The River Falls Area hospital staff have made excellent use of the Rheaply reuse platform for Allina Health sites. Surplus artwork, waiting-room chairs, and sit-stand desks have found new homes.

The site also recycles blue wrap, a covering for sterilization trays, through Merrick, Inc.  

In addition, surplus medical equipment and supplies are donated to Matter. Matter sends the material to hospitals and clinics in places like Senegal, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Kenya.