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The birth center tour is for parents and families who plan to give birth at Owatonna Hospital. The tour includes how to get to the Birth Center on the second floor, as well as a glimpse into our birth rooms, labor areas, postpartum rooms and nursery.

Before taking a walking tour of the Birth Center, you can take a virtual tour.

When you are in Owatonna, you’re going to get the A-team. They are ready to care for you. They’re enthusiastic about their job. You can tell they’re passionate about it.

When you come to have a baby, it is so important that the nurse taking care of you really loves and has a passion for the work she does. The interaction between providers and nursing staff and the camaraderie that goes along with that I think is outstanding.

When a mom thinks that she’s in labor, what we ask her to do is first call the birth center and let the nurses know that she is going to be coming in.

When you arrive on the Owatonna Health Care Campus, there’s plenty of available parking for expectant mothers. Parking is free during regular business hours. Enter through the main lobby and the information desk is on your right.

During evening and night hours, you will need to enter the hospital through the emergency department and staff, or a volunteer can direct you to elevators to take you to the second floor where the birth center is located. You can access the birth center via the staircase or elevator on your right.

Once you get off the elevator on the second floor, you’re going to take a right, go down the hall. And there you’ll begin to see the signs that will say the birth center at the end of the hall.

Our birth center is a locked unit for the safety of all our newborns.

So there, when you want to get into the birth center you’re going to need to push a red button. The staff will greet you through an intercom.

Can I help you?

And you just state your name and your purpose.

Come on in.

Once you enter, you will walk down the hallway to the birth center desk. Staff will greet you and direct you to your room. You will either be directed to one of our two triage rooms, postpartum or labor and delivery room, where you will be well cared for.

When the woman is in the triage area, the nurse is assessing her, trying to figure out what the major complaints are, and then being in communication with the patient’s physician.

If you are admitted, you will be escorted to a private birthing suite.

And at that point, the physician becomes even more involved and coming in to the hospital to assess the patient. She will be monitored regularly depending on what her needs are and what the baby’s needs are. We also encourage the moms in many situations to be up and walking. We have a nice unit where the mother and the father can walk around the unit.

Each of our birthing rooms provides new moms with a comfortable home life labor and delivery experience. The large wide open rooms come furnished with state of the art fetal monitoring equipment, baby warmers, sleeper beds, television and large jacuzzi. To protect your privacy yet preserve the natural lighting, the windows are beautifully etched with healing images.

Moms can experience our integrative therapies. We offer aromatherapy, guided imagery, healing, touch and massage. If requested, our medical doctors of anesthesia are available 24/7 to place epidurals.

If they want to utilize birthing balls, if they want to labor in the jacuzzi tubs, that’s OK as well. There’s lots of options available for patients during their labor course.

If you require delivery via cesarean section, we have a dedicated operating room inside our birth center.

You come back to the actual OB c-section room, you’ll see computer screens, you’ll see the bed where the mom will end up being where they’ll get either their spinal or they’ll get general anesthesia depending on the situation. And then all of the anesthesia staff sometimes your doctor, your labor and delivery nurse are all there to support you. And then we also have monitoring for baby.

The staff is very well rated here. I enjoy them every time I’ve been in here. They’ve always supported us and made sure everything was OK. They’ve been awesome with us.

We are a family centered care unit. After your baby is born, we encourage family members to visit and take part in the celebration. To announce the birth of your baby, you or your family members can press the baby chime. We like siblings to feel special. Super siblings are given capes and ID bracelets to identify themselves as big brother or big sister.

After recovery, you and your baby will be transferred across the hall to a postpartum room. These private mother baby care rooms come complete with a refrigerator and microwave. They also feature a pullout sleeper sofa, phone, TV, DVD player, and full private bathroom with a hairdryer.

Our nursery is conveniently located in the middle of the birth center and is available for parents to use if they need additional rest. We also have a dedicated refrigerator for our donor milk as an option for moms. Our family waiting area is located at the end of the hallway and includes several amenities like chairs and a table, television, kids toys for big brothers and sisters, wireless internet, and sleeper couch, so that family and friends can remain close by.

Yeah. A lot of the patients will tell me that they really like the individualized care that they receive.

A lot of our experienced nurses collaborate, they worked together as a team.

So I want to just show you--

There are several hospital amenities available during your stay. The Resource Center focuses on disease prevention and recovery by providing on-site access to medical information for patients and visitors where you have access to a bank of computers, wireless internet, television, accent lighting, and comfortable seating. Next on the left is the gift shop where you can purchase flowers, other gifts, clothing, and jewelry. Coffee and snacks are also available.

You’ll see a lot of the resources that the hospital has to provide for you. There’s a cafeteria that’s open for meals and dining and snacks.

The cafeteria is located next to the gift shop. Your nurse can tell you when the cafeteria is open and how to arrange for meals for family members.

On our first floor, we also have an area that’s a private room where you can meditate, pray.

The Reflection Center provides a calming space to reduce stress and includes colored glass accent lighting and picturesque views of a healing garden to allow visitors to relax.

The primary goal in a labor delivery is to have a healthy mom and healthy baby.