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Spiritual care is an integral part of the health care team, nurturing patient values and beliefs while also encouraging a more holistic approach to health care. A spiritual care provider is always available to patients and their loved ones in times of vulnerability—listening to hopes and fears, reconnecting people to their sources of strength and meaning, and transforming through prayer and ritual.

Spiritual care providers respect and embrace all religious or spiritual preferences and collaborate with hospital staff to give patients and families the best care possible through:

  • Providing a non-anxious, supportive presence to help make meaning of their current circumstances and to lessen anxiety;
  • Empathetic listening and encouragement when patients and families are emotionally overwhelmed;
  • Assisting with making critical health care decisions that align with their goals and wishes;
  • Providing rituals, sacraments and religious resources;
  • Facilitating clear communication between patients and families and the care team;
  • Offering consultation on issues of religious of ethical significance; and
  • Tending to the spiritual and emotional well-being of hospital staff in order to support resilient and engaged colleagues.
  • Requests for a visit from a Catholic priest, Jewish rabbi, Muslim volunteer or imam can be made through spiritual care.

The first floor chapel is always open for prayer and meditation. Devotional materials, including Bibles, Qurans, other sacred texts, prayer stones and prayer request cards are available for your use in the chapel.

Catholic mass is offered weekly:

Mercy campus: Tuesdays, 12 p.m. (noon)

Unity campus: Wednesdays, 12 p.m. (noon)

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Rooted in theological integrity and sacred traditions we minister to the human condition to foster individual and corporate healing, meaning, and hope.