Your recovery (for vaginal and Cesarean birth)

Your recovery (for vaginal and Cesarean birth)

In the first one to two hours after your baby's birth, both you and your baby will be monitored carefully. This is to make sure you are recovering well and that your baby is adjusting well.

It is normal for your uterus to contract at this time. This seals off the blood vessels that supplied the placenta with food and oxygen for your baby. Your stomach will be massaged often to help make sure your uterus is contracting.

Your blood pressure and temperature will be taken often. If you had a tear or an episiotomy, your stitches will be checked. If you had a Cesarean birth, your incision will be checked.

In addition to the monitoring by the hospital staff, your baby will be checked by a health care provider at least once in the first 24 hours.

How long you and your baby stay in the hospital will depend on your health care provider's guidance, your baby's health, your wishes, and your insurance coverage.

During the hospital stay use the experience and support of the staff members. They can help you get to know your baby and feel more comfortable with feedings and other newborn care.

Source: Allina Health Patient Education, Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, eighth edition, ob-ah-90026
First Published: 10/04/2002
Last Reviewed: 12/06/2021