Being with your baby right after birth

Being with your baby right after birth

In the first few hours after your baby's birth, it is important that your baby stay warm. Your baby may wear a cap to help keep them warm. The best way to keep your healthy baby warm is have them lie skin-to-skin on your chest, covered with a blanket. Either you or your partner can hold your baby this way.

After your baby has been dried and wrapped in a blanket, you can hold them in your arms.

During the first hour after birth your baby is likely to be in a special, alert state. It will be a time to look at one another and for you to talk softly to your baby. If your baby is going to be breastfed, this is also the time for your partner to start. Your baby will need time to nuzzle the breast and then start sucking.

If your baby needs to be taken to a special care nursery, you can go with them.

Source: Allina Health Patient Education, Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, eighth edition, ob-ah-90026
First Published: 10/04/2002
Last Reviewed: 12/06/2021