Back to School: How are local school districts prioritizing mental health?

[Fox 9 News, August 30, 2022] Children’s mental health has decreased over time, and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. As students head back to the classrooms, FOX 9 wanted to know how local school districts are prioritizing mental health this year.

The past two years have certainly brought challenges for students. Psychologists are still uncovering the lasting effects of the last two years. 

"It led to teachers being kind of frustrated, and I think that frustration was easy for kids to pick up on and teenagers to pick up on," said Dr. David Nathan, a psychologist with Allina Health.

Dr. Nathan specializes in child and adolescent psychology. He said setting routines and starting this school year with a positive attitude are key. He also recommends that parents find an activity their child likes and is good at, and that will make them happier in school.

"Recognizing that there are a lot of things that are going to be better this year. We're going to be with our friends. We're going to be with our teachers," Nathan said.

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