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[WCCO-TV, June 26, 2020]   If you think you are struggling to handle the mental stresses of 2020, a younger generation may actually have it worse. Dr. David Nathan is an Allina Health psychologist and he says that out of all the groups suffering during the pandemic, he worries most about teenagers.
June 26, 2020
[KMSP Fox 9, June 08, 2020]   As protests call for an end to racism, kids may have questions about the images they're seeing and the adult conversations they're overhearing. Dr. Meghan Miller , a psychologist with Allina Health, joined the Fox 9 News with advice for parents on talking to their kids about race and racial injustice.
June 08, 2020
[KARE 11, June 06, 2020]   This is a challenging time to be a child. First there was the coronavirus pandemic, and then came the killing of George Floyd...
June 06, 2020
[KARE 11, May 09, 2020]   Mother's Day is coming at the perfect time to remind us of all the extra work moms are doing during the pandemic. KARE 11 News talked with Allina Health psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth LaRusso about what we can do for our moms.
May 09, 2020
[KSTP TV, March 25, 2020]   From her home office, Dr. Cheryl Bemel , a psychologist with Allina Health, is continuing to see patients, just in a different way now. "I use a headset when I’m speaking to them so it’s actually like a virtual TV show where they see me in real time, and I see them in real time," Bemel explained.
March 25, 2020
[WCCO-TV, March 25, 2020]   There is good that’s coming from the current state of isolation. Allina Health psychiatrist Dr. Cheryl Bemel says tools video conferencing are good for mental health.
March 25, 2020
[KARE 11, March 19, 2020]   Social distancing, school and work places closing, spending more time at home are all creating new stress. Allina Health psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel talked to KARE 11 about how to manage those stresses.
March 19, 2020
[KSTP TV, March 19, 2020]   Adults aren't the only ones worried about the COVID-19 outbreak. Kids are, too.
March 19, 2020
[KMSP Fox 9, March 18, 2020]   The coronavirus threat has people confined to their homes, businesses closing and there's no school. Families are dealing with a new normal and kids surely have questions.  Dr. Cheryl Bemel, a psychologist with Allina Health , offers some tips on how to talk to your children about COVID 19.
March 18, 2020
[KARE 11, March 11, 2020]   The number of confirmed cases in the U-S is now above 1,000. That growing number is making a lot of people nervous.
March 11, 2020