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[KARE 11, October 05, 2020]   2020 is testing some people's mental health in ways many never expected
October 05, 2020
[KSTP TV, September 28, 2020]   Change to Chill offers students free online tools and techniques to address stress and anxiety
September 28, 2020
[MPR News, September 16, 2020]   About 1 in 5 school-aged children has a mental health condition, but that number could be going up.
September 16, 2020
[WCCO-TV, September 12, 2020]   Addiction is often called a disease of isolation, and it isn't getting any better in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic
September 12, 2020
[MPR News, September 09, 2020]   We are becoming increasingly unhappy. It’s no surprise — we are living in a global pandemic and navigating a lot of unknowns.
September 09, 2020
[KSTP TV, August 30, 2020]   This year has been hard on our mind and body
August 30, 2020
[KMSP Fox 9, August 23, 2020]   Like many other specialties, addiction counseling has been able to expand its reach with virtual counseling during the pandemic
August 23, 2020
[WCCO-TV, August 17, 2020]   The first day of school is right around the corner but for most students it will be anything but a normal school year
August 17, 2020
[WCCO-TV, August 15, 2020]   COVID brain is a term that these days refers to emotional issues about the pandemic
August 15, 2020
[WCCO-TV, August 11, 2020]   If you decide to have an alcoholic drink, limiting yourself to one a day is best — whether you’re a man or woman
August 11, 2020