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Visit the HeartSine site.

Using the HeartSine AED

Adult patient call for medical assistance. Remove clothing from patient's chest to expose bare skin. Pull green tab to remove pads. Peel pads from liner. Apply pads to patient's bare chest, as shown in picture. Press pads firmly to patient's bare skin.

Assessing heart rhythm-- do not touch the patient. Analyzing-- do not touch the patient. Stand clear of patient. Shock advised. Stand clear of patient.

Press the orange--


--shock button now. Shock delivered. Begin CPR. It is safe to touch the patient. Place overlapping hands in the middle of chest. Press directly down on the chest in time with metronome. Remain calm, good speed.


Good speed.

HeartSine PAD 350 & 450 Pad Pak Replacement demonstration

  1. Unzip and remove from case.
  2. Depress the two dips on both side and remove.
  3. Insert new Pad Pak.
  4. Replace in case.
  5. Ensure tab is accessible.

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Visit the Philips site.

Remove clothes from patient's chest. When patient's chest is bare, open gray plastic case and peel off white adhesive pads. Look carefully at the pictures on the white adhesive pads. Peel one white pad from the gray case. Place pad exactly as shown. Press firmly to bare skin.

Stay clear of patient. Analyzing heart rhythm. Stay clear of patient. Analyzing heart rhythm. Shock advised. Stay clear of patient. Press the flesh-- shock delivered.

Be sure emergency medical services have been called. It is safe to touch the patient. Begin CPR. For help with CPR, press the flashing blue button.

Place the heel of one hand in the center of the chest between the nipples. Place your other hand on top of the first. Push the chest down firmly two inches. Keep time with the beat.

Philips FRx AED Electrode & Battery Replacement demonstration

  1. Open case, remove and replace electrodes.
  2. Install new electrodes and verify expiration date.
  3. Remove from case.
  4. Remove and recycle battery.
  5. Install new battery and mark install date.
  6. Allow for self test to complete.

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Philips Onsite AED

Transcript coming soon!

Philips Onsite Electrode and Battery Replacement demonstration

  1. Remove and replace spare electrodes from cover.
  2. Remove AED from case and locate release on top.
  3. Remove expired electrode cartridge from device.
  4. Insert new electrodes and snap into place.
  5. Remove old battery and recycle.
  6. Insert new battery and record install date.
  7. Allow device to complete its self test.

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Visit the PhysioControl site (brings you to the Stryker website, scroll down for LifePak AEDs)

[BEEPS] Call for help now. Remove all clothing from patient's chest. Pull red handle to open bag.

Look at pictures on pads. Peel one pad off blue plastic. Apply pad to bare skin exactly as shown in the picture. Press pad firmly.

Peel other pad off blue plastic. Apply pad to bare skin. Do not touch patient.

Evaluating heart rhythm. Stand by. Preparing to shock.

Everyone clear. Press flashing digital. Shock delivered. Provide chest compressions and rescue breaths.

How to replace the battery and electrode for the LifePak CR+ and Express AED

  1. Remove from case
  2. Open lid and unplug expired electrodes
  3. Slide retaining pin from device
  4. Replace electrodes and retaining pin
  5. Tuck package under lip and close lid
  6. Remove battery and insert yellow plastic piece to aid in discharging battery
  7. Insert new battery and check indicator window for "OK"
  8. Replace case


Visit the Zoll site.

Unit OK. Stay calm. Check responsiveness. Call for help. Attach D-fib pads to patient's bare chest. Attach D-fib pads to patient's bare chest. Attach D-fib pads to patient's bare chest. Don't touch patient. Analyzing. Don't touch patient. Analyzing. Shock advised. Don't touch patient. Press flashing shock button.


Shock delivered. Start CPR.











Zoll AED Plus Battery and Electrode Replacement demonstration

  1. Plug in new electrodes.
  2. Tuck electrodes in under lid.
  3. Turn device over.
  4. Depress tabs and remove cover.
  5. Install batteries on left side, then right, with the middle being last.
  6. Wait for instructions to push the button.
  7. Reinstall battery cover.
  8. Check for green "Check mark."

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The Minnesota AED Registry is a free AED maintenance tool that allows AED owners free online management of AEDs, AED battery and electrode expiration email reminders, notifications from manufacturer or government agencies and the ability to participate in the AED link system where available.

How to register


This plan is a blue print for making your AED program successful. This document can be edited to fit your needs but provides a basic overview of where your AED is, what should be with your AED and who maintains your AED.