Heart Safe Communities schools

School District 112 (Chaska Area Schools)

School District 112 gave students a special gift in December of 2002: 14 automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Following the January 2002 death of a 14 year-old, ninth-grade wrestler during his match at the Chaska Invitational Meet, District 112 officials understood how precious a few minutes can be in a life-threatening situation. While it is unclear if an AED could have saved this young life, the incident motivated District 112 to contact Michele Sundberg, Heart Safe Communities program coordinator, to learn more about sudden cardiac arrest in children and how to make their schools heart safe.

The donation of an AED from the St. Francis Regional Medical Center Auxiliary in May 2002, launched the district's Heart Safe Communities program. Community support provided funding for the additional 13 AEDs needed to equip all of the schools.

District 112 is among the first school districts in Minnesota to install AEDs in all of their schools. It includes the communities of Chaska, Chanhassen,Victoria and Carver.

Columbia Heights School District 13

Columbia Heights School District 13 purchased five automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for placement in each of their elementary, middle and senior high schools. They are working with the Columbia Heights Fire Department to raise funds to purchase AEDs for all community fire trucks and remaining school buildings in the community.

District 13's Heart Safe Communities program has raised money for five AEDs for the fire department and three more for the schools.