Order an AED

2023 order form coming soon; this button, and the comparison grid and cost analysis buttons, will be updated when the new information is available. In the meantime, please contact heartsafe@allina.com to place any orders for AEDs or supplies. Thank you!

Purchase an AED for your community or organization

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are safe and easy to useā€”even for the minimally trained person.

We are happy to help you purchase an for your business, community, facility or organization at a pace that is comfortable for you. Steps include:

  • site visit to discuss AED needs, demonstrate various brands of AEDs and identify best suited for your location and discuss Heart Safe program and training options
  • order placed for AED, cabinet and training needs
  • delivery of unit and cabinet in about two to three weeks
  • paperwork and contract reviewed, including a discussion regarding ongoing care and AED site coordinator
  • billing about one month after delivery

The process for purchasing an AED from Heart Safe Communities may vary based on your needs. Some organizations spend a few days at each step; others spend a few months. Some groups combine several steps into one meeting; others take it one step at a time.

Heart Safe AED package

The Heart Safe Communities AED package includes:

  • AED of choice with case, spare electrodes, ready kit and medical direction (prices vary)
  • wall mount cabinet (surface and recessed; prices vary)
  • site visit to evaluated AED options and location
  • ongoing assistance with easy ordering of supplies, technical support and AED upgrades
  • Public Access Defibrillator Plan

Allina Health employee charitable giving AED grant

Allina Health is a not-for-profit, charitable organization. It cares about improving the health of the communities we serve not only in medical settings, but wherever people live, learn and work.

Allina Health serves millions of people each year and any profit generated is directly invested back into existing health care programs to meet changing, growing health care needs in our community.

Charitable gifts have always played a major role in helping Allina Health achieve its mission. It is with these dollars Allina Health is able to provide grants for discounted AEDs to the public. The grant application period is open early spring each year.


To apply for the 2024 Employee Charitable Giving AED Grant, please complete an application and submit to heartsafe@allina.com"

2024 Grant Application