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  • Volunteer opportunities at River Falls Area Hospital

    Experience the rewards of being involved in your community. At River Falls Area Hospital we need people just like you, willing to volunteer your time. We have a variety of opportunities from working in the gift shop to simply helping someone in need.

    Why volunteer?

    Volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience, learn new skills, meet friends and discover hidden talents. Many volunteers find giving of their time to be one of the most fulfilling activities they do.

    Simply put, volunteering feels good. By taking an active role, you will get the chance to connect with others, share compassion and be an important part of your community. You will learn about others, while learning about yourself.

    How can I help?

    A variety of different volunteer positions are available. Some possible opportunities include:

    • Greeter / Escort
    • Clerical / administrative
    • Fundraising

    Friendly faces, helpful hands

    Volunteer Catelyn Steinmueller enjoys helping people feel less stressed.

    Volunteer Catelyn Steinmueller (left) enjoys helping people feel less stressed in a stressful situation. Read about how volunteers enjoy working with others.