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First trimester of pregnancy: Months 0 to 3, weeks 1 to 13

  • To do list

    Rest, eat well and take care of yourself.

    Check your insurance coverage. Find out exactly what is and isn't covered under your plan. The worksheet determining your health insurance coverage can be of help when you call your health plan.

    Check your employer's policies on maternity leave. You may have disability or extended leave benefits.

    • What is the policy on paid leave?
    • How many weeks can you take off without pay?
    • What is the policy on job security?

    Talk with family members or friends about their breastfeeding experiences and what they like best about breastfeeding.

    Register for a variety of prenatal classes. For Abbott Northwestern, United and Mercy Hospitals and St. Francis Medical Center, see Amma Parenting Center. For all other Allina Health hospitals, go to our Find Classes page.