What you need to know about pain medicine

What to remember when taking pain medicine

  • Some pain medicines (like Tylenol®) have acetaminophen. Taking more than 4,000 milligrams (4 grams) of acetaminophen in 24 hours may damage your liver. Acetaminophen is also found in some cough and cold medicines, too
  • Do not drink alcohol while taking prescription pain medicine.
  • Do not drive any motor vehicles while taking narcotics or pain medicines that make you sleepy.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and drink six to eight large glasses of water each day. Eat lots of fresh fruits, raw vegetables and other foods high in fiber. This will help you avoid constipation. If you are constipated, talk with your doctor or pharmacist on what you can do.
  • Taking your pain medicine with a small amount of food may be helpful to control stomach upset.

Your pain should lessen every week. Take the prescription pain medicine as your doctor ordered to help ease your pain.

If you need a prescription pain medicine refilled close to the weekend, call your pharmacy several days ahead of time so you do not run out.

Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Preparing for Your Hysterectomy, gyn-ah-95582
Reviewed By: Allina Health Patient Education experts
First Published: 04/25/2013
Last Reviewed: 11/30/2015