Ultra processed foods: what they are and how to get your kids to eat less of them

[KMSP Fox 9 News, May 10, 2024] So much of our health begins with what we eat, according to Allison Golnik, MD, MPH, an integrative pediatrician with Allina Health’s Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. Guess what? Feeding children a diet of ultra processed foods such as Doritos and chips may be easy, but it could cost them eventually. A study published in February shows a diet heavy in ultra processed foods increases the risk of chronic diseases and mental disorders.

Dr. Golnik says the easiest way to decrease the impact of ultra processed foods is to reduce the amount we feed our kids. FOX 9 News invited her on the morning show to explain what ultra processed foods are and to share some tips to decrease the amount you and your kids eat.

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