Empty nesters and mental health

[MinnPost, October 09, 2023] When children grow up and leave the home, their parents become empty nesters. According to some social media stars, becoming an empty nester is a moment of complete joy. In reality, some parents struggle when their children leave, even though they know they have properly prepared their children for independence.

David Nathan, PsyD LP, a psychologist with Allina Health, says it is normal to feel a sense of loss when children leave the home. “Just like when a loved one dies or when someone breaks up with us, having our children leave home is a very big deal to the human mind,” said Dr. Nathan.

Children are a major part of their parents’ lives, and their absence can lead to a tough transition for parents. “It can take some time for us to come up with new patterns and develop a way of dealing with loss and adjusting to change that’s happening. That’s normal. If you feel sad and unmoored after your child leaves the home, it’s not like you have done something wrong or you are weak. It is typical. It is the natural response,” said Dr. Nathan.

The MINNPOST interviewed Dr. Nathan about empty nesters and their mental health. Read it here.
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Dr. David Nathan
Posted on October 09, 2023 in Mental Health and Addiction

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