What is the ideal indoor temperature?

[WCCO-TV News, September 27, 2022] Days like this are fabulous, and fleeting. Some fear the cold, while others embrace it. Like it or not, we are all going to be spending more time indoors, and that's where comfort becomes relative.

Dr. Andrew Stiehm is a pulmonologist with Allina Health.

"The colder it is, the less humidity there can be, so the less water there is in the air, which means as you breathe, you start losing more water, and you start to dry out, so your throat gets drier, your lungs get drier," Stiehm said. "Even inside, and then there's no humidity from the outdoors entering the house either."

Stiehm says that could affect your health. The World Health Organization says for most generally healthy people, the thermostat should be 65 or warmer in winter. And for people with lung conditions, 70 or higher. So there are guidelines, but there's also reality.

Posted on September 28, 2022 in Allina Health United Lung & Sleep Clinic

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