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[WCCO Radio, March 06, 2022]   Sleep is an important part of everyone's health. WCCO Radio's Susie Jones talked with Allina Health's Dr. Andrew Stiehm who specializes in pulmonary and sleep medicine.
March 06, 2022
[WCCO Radio, November 05, 2021]   Getting ready for the time change
November 05, 2021
[WCCO-TV News, November 02, 2021]   How does Daylight Saving Time affect our bodies?
November 02, 2021
[WCCO-TV News, July 30, 2021]   Air quality alert casts pall over Minnesota
July 30, 2021
[KARE 11 News, July 21, 2021]   Air quality conditions cause concerns for vulnerable populations
July 21, 2021
[WCCO Radio, July 03, 2020]   What medical conditions preclude you from wearing a mask
July 31, 2020
[Star Tribune, July 11, 2020]   It's been four months since the first cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota. Care for patients has improved greatly as doctors learn how to care for them better.
July 11, 2020
[KMSP Fox 9, April 29, 2020]   Doctors in Minnesota are re-thinking the rush to put COVID-19 patients on ventilators as they learn more about what the virus does to the body. Read more.
April 29, 2020
[Star Tribune, April 23, 2020]   Subtle shifts in the color of blood as it moves through a dense network of blood vessels can be a potent clue that a person has COVID-19, even if other signs of physical problems are absent. That realization has set off a national buying spree for optical medical devices called pulse oximeters, which can clip onto a finger or earlobe and detect color variations to tell how much oxygen is in the blood.
April 23, 2020
[WCCO-TV, February 29, 2020]   There's been talk about if the government should ban flavored vaping products. Dr. Andrew Stiehm talks about the danger of flavored vaping products.
February 29, 2020