What we learned about mothers during a pandemic

[MPR News, May 07, 2021] As we headed into Mother’s Day weekend, MPR News talked to two mothers whose jobs involve supporting other moms.

Elizabeth LaRusso, a psychiatrist who works with the Mother Baby Center at Allina Health, said the past year made visible much of the “invisible labor” mothers had already been performing before the pandemic: “A lot of work, and a lot of self-sacrifice, and a lot of being all things—all the time.”

Some mothers called in during the show to talk about how they valued the extra family time the pandemic had given them. But as mothers took on new roles and responsibilities at home, they also experienced stress and exhaustion.

“What are the societal expectations of moms?” LaRusso asked. “And then at what cost?”

Posted on May 07, 2021 in Mother & ChildMental Health and Addiction

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