NY Times op-ed on wellness industry strikes a chord

[KARE 11, June 10, 2019] In a New York Times op-ed, writer Jessica Knoll argues that the "wellness culture encourages an obsession with food and bodies that keeps women from living full and meaningful lives." Knoll writes that, in her opinion, wellness culture is "a dangerous con that seduces smart women with pseudoscientific claims of increasing energy, reducing inflammation, lowering the risk of cancer and healing skin, gut and fertility problems. But at its core, 'wellness' is about weight loss."

"It's not a day unless somebody asks me about a diet," said Amy Pleimling, a registered dietitian with Allina Health Weight Management. "When it comes to a person making changes, I guess I would just like to caution them on saying, 'Where are you getting your information from?' Is it coming from research or are you just believing the neighbor who is doing the same thing and you want to look like her?"

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