Independence woman undergoes innovative aneurysm procedure

Dr. Yasha Kayan

[Delano Herald Journal, June 14, 2019] A headache may have saved an Independence, Minnesota woman’s life.

“It felt like someone was squeezing a belt around my head,” Nancy Skoog-Edholm said. “My blood pressure was off the charts. My sister took me to Ridgeview. They did a CT scan. They were able to see an aneurysm.”

Meningitis was causing the headache that September day, but the discovery of the aneurysm was direr.

It led to Skoog-Edholm being one of the first people in the country to receive the Woven EndoBridge, or WEB, and the first person to undergo the procedure at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

Dr. Yasha Kayan performed the procedure.

He explained that an aneurysm is a weak spot in an artery that can balloon outwards, and it’s more common than most people think. Read the full story at

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