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[WCCO Radio, March 31, 2022]   Understanding aphasia, the condition impacting Bruce Willis
March 31, 2022
[WCCO-TV News, October 04, 2021]   How seasonal changes could be causing your headaches
October 04, 2021
[KSTP-TV News, May 19, 2021]   More people complain about memory loss during the pandemic
May 19, 2021
[WCCO-TV, February 27, 2020]   More people are turning to audiobooks over actual books. In fact a local library says more people check out audiobooks than the real thing. Learn more.
February 27, 2020
[Delano Herald Journal, June 14, 2019]   A headache may have saved a Minnesota woman’s life. “It felt like someone was squeezing a belt around my head,” Nancy Skoog-Edholm said. Read more.
June 14, 2019
[WCCO-TV, May 11, 2019]   May is Stroke Awareness Month and new statistics show strokes are striking younger and younger individuals. Neurologist Dr. Ron Tarrel of the Noran Clinic and Abbott Northwestern Hospital talked with WCCO News about why that's happening and how to recognize a stroke when it happens.
May 11, 2019