Allina Health Chief Nursing Officer: Thank you to all our nurses that make Allina Health a special organization

Thank you, nurses, for providing exceptional care and compassion.

[Becker's Hospital Review, May 09, 2019] Mandy Richards, Allina Health Chief Nursing Officer: As someone who has been fortunate to work side by side with nurses for my entire career, I cannot count the number of times nurses made a difference for the patients we served, be it with crucial insights, profound experience or a tender touch.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of change in the nursing profession. We are doing things to improve health and alleviate suffering that were unheard of when I began practicing. In addition, we’ve learned new and improved ways of organizing our work and building patient-centered care teams that allow us to put more expertise to work for our most complex patients. We are learning how to better partner with our patients to ensure we honor what’s most important to them, regardless of where they may be on their health journey. Read more.

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