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Your safety is our top priority

  • When you or your family member is a patient at New Ulm Medical Center, you want to be sure you receive the best and safest care possible. Our hospital and health care professionals are committed to providing the best care for you and your family. We ask you and your families join us to make sure that our care meets your needs and encourage you to let us know when it does not.

    New Ulm Medical Center's history of making safety central to our philosophy is confirmed by recognition such as achievement of the first Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) "MNStar" award ever presented to a hospital/clinic in Minnesota.

    Your safety is central to every aspect within our hospital. It is the top priority at all levels of our organization including management, physicians, and staff. The following are a few of the countless steps we take to assure you receive reliable care:

    • We have safety committees in place to evaluate any safety concern brought up by staff, patients, or family members. The committees review each safety aspect and develops steps to make our hospital a safe place to receive your care.
    • All physicians and nurses at our hospital are board licensed and participate in continuing education.
    • For medication safety, we double-check to make sure you receive the right medicine, right dose, with the right method at the right time. We encourage you to speak up if you have any questions about your medicine.
    • We recommend you to have a family member or friend with you during your health care visits. They can provide comfort, support, and can also help ask questions.
    • We encourage you to ask questions and takes notes.


    One of New Ulm Medical Center's goals is to encourage and support open and honest communication with you, your family, and your health care team.

    • We encourage you, your family, and staff to speak up if there is a safety concern.
    • It is our policy to be open and honest with you and your family by informing you of the potential results of your care, including unexpected results.
    • We encourage you to designate a family spokesperson to help communication with your family and the health care team.
    • We encourage you to complete a satisfaction survey. We survey our patients to learn about their hospital stay experience. We review these surveys and make changes as a result of your comments.
    • We welcome the opportunity to discuss the care you receive. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us.