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Heart Safe Communities

  • Sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, at anytime, to anyone. And it's almost always fatal.

    That's why Allina Health launched Heart Safe Communities, an effort to prevent death from sudden cardiac arrest by placing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) wherever people live, work and play.

    Heart Safe Communities helps communities and organizations...

    • educate citizens about sudden cardiac arrest and improving heart health
    • raise money to place AEDs in the hands of emergency medical service, fire and police personnel, and to make AEDs available in businesses, schools and other public gathering places
    • train people how to use AEDs and perform CPR

    Heart Safe designation

    Heart Safe designation recognizes a city or organization's efforts to prepare its staff and citizens to recognize when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest and how to respond. Any municipality, county or organization can apply for Heart Safe designation. View Minnesota's Heart Safe designated communities.

    Download the community toolkit and application packet.

    Download the campus toolkit and application packet.

    Are you providing bystander CPR training?

    Please add your training numbers to theĀ  Bystander CPR Registry and help train 10 percent of Minnesotans.