Environmental sustainability

Taking care of our environment is critical to ensure good health for our patients, employees and our community. Staff at the United Hospital – Hastings Regina Campus have already taken many steps to reduce energy usage and waste production. They were the first site in the Allina Health system to start a Green Team in 2021 and they have been a model for the rest of the system.


practice greenhealth award logo

Practice Greenhealth’s Partner for Change Award

United Hospital’s Regina campus was awarded a Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change Award in 2022 and 2023. The award recognizes superior performance in a range of different sustainability programs and activities including energy, waste, procurement, and greening the operating room.

Green Team

Regina Campus staff started the first Allina Health Sustainability Green Team in 2021, following the hire of Allina’s first sustainability staff. Since many staff also worked at the River Falls Area Hospital joined and the green team works in tandem on projects at both sites. The green team coordinates and leads sustainability efforts.

Green Team Achievements

Waste Reduction

the regina hospital green team

Staff and green team members at the Hastings Regina campus celebrated Earth Day in April of 2022 by cleaning up the grounds.

The Regina campus staff have made excellent use of the Rheaply reuse platform for Allina Health sites. Surplus cubicles from Apple Valley Clinic were turned into private workspaces for staff at the United Hospital Cancer Center at Regina Hospital.

Aided by a Dakota County grant and Minnesota Wastewise, the Regina campus has 150 new recycling bins and 70 new trash bins and new signage.

a hospital staffer recycling

Bins purchased/accumulated as apart of Regina’s recycling bin project. Right: Facilities Manager Warren Gavitt using the new recycle bins at the Regina campus

The site also sends organic scraps from food service to Barthold Farms for animal feed. The site also recycles blue wrap, a covering for sterilization trays, through Merrick, Inc.

In addition, surplus medical equipment and supplies are donated to Matter. Matter sends the material to hospitals and clinics in places like Senegal, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Energy Efficiency

  • The green team leaned into energy efficiency by converting to LED lighting throughout the campus,
  • Updating Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to be more energy efficient,
  • Using the building management system to increase the efficiency of heating and cooling when space is not occupied.