Care team

The Valve Center team includes valve specialists whose practice centers on diagnosing and treating valve disease. The highly experienced team is known for its advanced skills.

The Valve Center has weekly Valve Clinics attended by both cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. They also meet weekly to review complex valve cases, giving patients the benefit of having a range of insights to address their specific needs.

Dr Sorajja
Paul Sorajja, MD
Director, Center for Valve and Structural Heart Disease
Mario Goessl, MD PhD 
Director, Transcatheter Research and Education 
Program Director, Advanced Fellowship in Structural Heart Disease Interventions
Wesley A. Pedersen, MD 
Director, Transcatheter Valve Therapies

Interventional Cardiology

Mario Goessl MD, PhD

Michael Mooney, MD

Wesley Pedersen, MD

Anil Poulose, MD

Paul Sorajja, MD

Cardiac Surgery

Judah Askew, MD 

Frazier Eales, MD

Thomas Flavin, MD 

Karol Mudy, MD

Benjamin Sun, MD

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

Said Alsidawi, MD

Richard Bae, MD

Alex Campbell, MD

Bjorn Flygenring, MD

Kevin Harris, MD

Desmond Jay, MD

Thomas Knickelbine, MD

John Lesser, MD

Terrance Longe, MD

David Lin, MD

Marc Newell, MD

Advanced Practice Providers

Marcus Burns, DNP

Lynelle Schneider, PA


Marlene Doll, RN 

Maggie Dukinfield, RN 

Susan Jagger, RN

Kate Jappe, RN

Kris Macken, RN

Karen Meyer, RN 

Pamela Morley, RN

Joan Olson, RN

Sara Olson, RN 

Administrative Assistant

Madeline Squires

Ron Beese