AH-EMS CAD Interface with MSP Airport

Another milestone was reached in July 2016 when Allina Health Emergency Medical Services Communication Center launched the new CAD to CAD (computer-aided dispatch) interface with MAC (MSP Airport) communication center. This has been a multi-year project between the agencies.

This new interface is used when airport dispatch receives a medical response request. This response request is now created in their CAD and automatically pushed to our CAD at AHEMS dispatch. This transfer of information is done instantaneously and will reduce time and remove the need for their dispatch to call our center by phone. 

911 communications center

Communications Center employeeOur dispatchers give 911 callers the information they need to handle an emergency medical situation until the ambulance arrives. They can instruct callers on how to deal with choking, sudden cardiac arrest, imminent childbirth and other emergencies. 

In 2015, Allina Health was recognized for its work to improve public health care and maximum efficiency of the 911 system. The Allina Health Emergency Medical Services Communications Center was awarded the Accredited Center of Excellence from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

Mobile communications unit

Exterior of Mobile Communications UnitThe Allina Health mobile communications unit brings emergency dispatching out into the field. It is used for pre-scheduled events and responses to emergent incidents where on-site communications and coordination enhances emergency medical service (EMS) operations.

Bringing this technology to the scene has proven very successful. This resource is shared among EMS agencies statewide to assist with natural disasters and other large-scale emergencies.