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2018-19 ski & snowboard calendar including continuing education dates

2018-2019 volunteer schedules by site

Afton Alps

Giant’s Ridge

Hyland Sunday

Hyland Monday

Hyland Wednesday

Spirit Mountain Sunday

Spirit Mountain Tuesday

Spirit Mountain Thursday


Welch Village 

Volunteer training materials

Part 1 - Ski & Snowboard Volunteer Manual

Part 2 - Ski & Snowboard Volunteer Manual

Courage Kenny Ski & Snowboard Safety Procedures

Volunteer Roles & Evaluation

Instructor evaluation - Ski Snowboard

Group instructor evaluation for trainers

Pocket Training Cards

CKSS OTH New Volunteer Training Schedule – Snowboard, Mono, Bi Ski

CKSS OTH Returning Volunteer Training Schedule – Snowboard, Mono, Bi Ski

Clinic outlines

Clinic outline template

Bi Ski Clinic Outlines

Snowboard Clinic Outlines

Mono Ski Clinic Outlines

Stand Up Clinic Outlines

Contact information

Ski patrol phone numbers

Additional reference materials

How to teach adaptive ski disciplines

3-Track & 4-Track


Cognitive disabilities


Ski Bike


Visually impaired

PSIA Adaptive Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing Across Adaptive Disciplines

How to teach adaptive snowboard disciplines

PSIA AASI Adaptive Snowboarding Guide 

Adaptive Snowsports App: Contact Charley Phelan at 970-734-4403 (text is better than calling) or

Additional resources are available to members of PSIA-AASI.


Adaptive Encyclopedia

Laminated disability cards: Contact Ann Papenfuss at 651-295-2707 or