Postgraduate Administrative Fellowship

Allina’s Commitment to the Administrative Fellowship Program

Allina and its leaders are committed to investing time and resources into our administrative fellowship program. The Administrative Fellow is a critical source of vibrant new talent that Allina desires to tap into and develop for future leadership opportunities within the organization. 

Administrative Fellowship Objectives

The fellowship is designed to provide a breadth of experiences through the care delivery system. It will offer the fellow the opportunity to truly understand the meaning of a mission, values and vision driven organization. Upon completion of the fellowship, the fellow is expected to have achieved the following objectives:

  • Experience ongoing and regular interaction with the executive leadership team as an active participant.
  • Develop an individual leadership profile that articulates personal values and vision.
  • Acquire demonstrable leadership experiences that will position the individual for a full-time leadership assignment within Allina or elsewhere in the healthcare industry.
  • Gain executive level experience at both an operating unit and system level.
  • Successfully complete projects which provide the fellow an opportunity to gain leadership experience and contribute to Allina’s strategic success.

In exchange for the fellowship experience, Allina anticipates deriving the following benefits:

  • Building leadership bench strength and a future pool of leadership talent that can assist Allina in realizing its strategic potential.
  • Learning new industry theories and opportunities to bridge cutting edge academic ideas into real world practice.
  • Developing a reputation as the country’s preferred fellowship program, thereby attracting the best and the brightest talent emerging from graduate programs.

Fellowship Design

Allina’s fellowship program will provide fellows a career development opportunity for up to 12 months with the expectation that the fellow will become a candidate for a position within Allina upon successful completion of the fellowship experience. Allina and the fellow will be mutually accountable for designing a flexible and dynamic leadership experience. The fellow will engage in a variety of projects focusing on community relations, finance, human resources, patient care operations, medical affairs, facilities management, outpatient services and/or corporate administration. In addition, the fellowship allows for exploration in elective areas of particular interest to the fellow.  Senior administrative staff will provide leadership coaching, periodic performance evaluations, and feedback intended to refine managerial skills. 

The Allina fellowship is designed to meet the needs of both the fellow and the organization.  Fellows have the opportunity to complete projects in corporate services, metro and/or regional hospitals and in ambulatory care setting. In addition, Allina encourages the fellow to take on an interim management role at some point during their fellowship, should an opportunity arise. Projects will be selected by the fellow with input from their mentor to ensure that fellows are meeting the objectives they set out to accomplish while in their fellowship. 

Fellowship Descriptions Include

  • Attend and actively engage in leadership team meetings across the system:
    • Leadership Forum
    • Executive Leadership Team
    • Senior Administrative
    • Performance Leadership Team
    • Clinical Leadership Team meetings
    • Allina Health Group Executive and Operations Committee
    • Allina Board meetings
  • Execute system/corporate project(s), Exposure to projects within and across clinical service lines in multiple hospitals and clinic lines
  • Ability to self-direct and take initiative
  • Actively participate in high level decision-making – debate, discuss and help decide organizational initiatives and priorities
  • Gain valuable access to corporate executives, as well as clinic and clinical service line leadership
  • Access and exposure to administrative teams at Allina’s metro and regional hospitals
  • Access to operational experience in various ambulatory and inpatient areas
  • Freedom to seek out opportunities and execute a wide range of projects
  • Requires significant motivation and ability to perform at a high-capacity
  • Work directly with physician champions and healthcare executives to develop, promote, and manage high-priority operational, financial, and strategic initiatives

Competencies to be developed during Fellowship

  • Project management
  • Presentation skills
  • Analytical/technical skills
  • Process improvement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team leadership
  • Ability to influence
  • Navigation of a large health system

Compensation and Benefits

The Allina Administrative Fellowship is compensated at market competitive rates. Eligibility for benefits begins on the next first of the month following established start date. Fellows are eligible for all Allina benefits including health, dental and vision insurance as well as retirement plans and other benefits.