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As an Allina Health patient, you’ll be cared for by a variety of different health care providers who make up your health care team. With you at the center, we’ll partner with you to give you the best care we can.

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Allina Health Cancer Institute nurse navigators video

Cancer is complicated. Our dedicated nurse navigators are there every moment to help educate, advocate and guide patients through cancer treatment. Learn more about Allina Health Cancer Institute’s nurse navigators in this video.

A Nurse Navigator is a registered nurse whose sole purpose is to support a patient.

So what that means is they are designed to help educate a patient, advocate for them, and also navigate their care throughout the continuum.

Cancer is complex. There's a lot of things that cancer touches in a person's life.

And so ensuring that we can support all of the different areas of a patient and and their life is very very important.

They are a lot of times the first person that cancer patients speak to; they're there to provide that upfront support and answer questions.

And then they're a single point of contact.

They know that they can call me anytime throughout their treatment with any questions or any concerns.

And if I'm not the right person to answer it, I will get them to that person.

So I think initially just telling them that that helps ease a lot of fears and anxiety.

The fear and anxiety with any situation in life really comes from not knowing, not having the answers that you need.

And so oncology nurse navigators are wonderful at helping patients understand all aspects of what they're going through, and they are able to educate patients in a way that they can understand.

So when you're diagnosed with cancer, there's a lot of different people who can be involved in your care team.

But we are here to help make sure that you understand who they all are and that they all know who you are.

The Navigator; one of the most important things they do is help make sure that things are seamless and that things don't fall through the cracks.

They maintain an understanding of where the patient is at in the cancer experience.

So they're constantly behind the scenes, keeping up to date on the different treatments or things that are happening, and they are able to insert themselves or reengage or engage at certain time periods if needed.

I really just feel that Nurse Navigation is key, and the kind of the glue of the operation.

It feels good to be able to know that you are helping an individual meet their goals, whatever those goals are, and that you're able to support them through a really difficult journey.

It's really whole person care that supports the patient and all all that they love.

Even though every patient's diagnosis is a little bit different, just knowing that a navigator will be with you every step of the way is the most important thing.

Cancer care team members

Get to know some of the expert health care providers that may be on your cancer care team.

cancer care team medical oncologist

Medical oncologist

A medical oncologist is a doctor who will meet with you if your treatment plan includes chemotherapy or targeted therapy.

surgical oncologist

Surgical oncologist

A surgical oncologist does surgery to remove tumors and surrounding tissues and can also do biopsies (removing a sample of tissue).

radiation oncologist

Radiation oncologist

A radiation oncologist specializes in using radiation to treat cancer.

meet social workers for oncology

Social worker

An oncology social worker is available to support you and your family during your treatment and recovery.

meet your integrative medicine team

Integrative medicine team

Integrative medicine staff will offer support and information on integrative therapies, such as aromatherapy, music, guided imagery, acupuncture, relaxation techniques and massage therapy.

nurse navigator

Nurse navigator

A nurse navigator is a registered nurse (RN) who will support, educate and guide you through your course of treatment. The navigator will be part of your health care team from diagnosis through treatment and on to healing.

meet cancer rehab care team

Cancer rehab care team

Cancer rehabilitation may help you regain or improve the abilities you feel have changed as a result of your cancer or cancer treatment. Members of your cancer rehabilitation care team can help you maintain or regain your independence and enjoy your life to the fullest.

woman speaking with her cancer provider

Primary care provider

Your primary care provider will have access to all of your treatment information. You will keep visiting your primary care provider for your usual health care needs. Visit your Account to make an appointment.

meet registered dietitians for cancer care

Registered dietitian

A registered dietitian can assess your food needs and help you set goals to improve eating and manage your weight. Talk with your oncology provider about the variety of dietitian and nutrition services that are available.

cancer care team genetic counselor

Genetic counselor

A genetic counselor can help you and your family make informed decisions about genetic testing and help interpret test results.

Ask the questions that need to be asked. These experts are responsive, and if they don't know the answer they set you up with someone who does.
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