When it comes to stroke care, time is of the essence

[Allina Health Newsroom, May 30, 2024] Mike Gudim, 68, is proof that every second counts during a stroke. His wife, Martii, immediately called 911 when she noticed major trouble with his speech. The ambulance took Mike to Allina Health United Hospital, one of only 11 Minnesota hospitals designated as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

“What makes Allina Health awesome when it comes to stroke care is that it's truly the team-based approach,” said Ganesh Asaithambi, MD, medical director, Allina Health’s Stroke Program.

When Mike arrived at United Hospital, the stroke was affecting his speech and his right side. Because Martii didn’t waste a second getting him help, the stroke team at United was able to treat him quickly and stop the effects of the stroke. Mike went home 48 hours later. He was able to speak clearly again and move his right side.

Mike and Martii want everyone to remember BE FAST to spot a stroke. (Watch their video below.)

  • B - Balance (Are you having trouble balancing?)
  • E - Eyes (Is there vision loss?)
  • F – Face (Look for an uneven smile or drooping on one side of the face.)
  • A – Arm (Is one arm weak?)
  • S – Speech (Do you have slurred speech?
  • T - Time (If you notice any of the symptoms above, call 911 right away.)

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